Water Reclamation Services

Saving Lake Mead 1 Gallon at a time

(250K gallons are saved annually)

Did you know that it is illegal to release industrial wastewater into the storm drain?

Pollutants in pressure washing wastewater go directly from the storm drain to environment and wildlife.

Pollutant examples include:

  • Sediment and Dirt
  • Petroleum, Oil, and grease
  • Soaps and detergent


Failure to comply with EPA’s Clean Water Act can result in fines up to $10K.

The law states that ONLY RAIN CAN GO DOWN THE DRAIN and this includes runoff water from commercial pressure washing.

Water Reclamation Services


RRPS has invested in state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment to reclaim, filter, and reuse water.

The cost of cleaning is cheaper than you might think.

Here at RRPS, we believe it’s important that we offer service that protects our client’s interests AND protects our environment.

To learn more about water reclamation, the law, best practices, and how you can make a difference, click here to request a quote.


Reclaim – Recycle – Reuse – Repeat…. It’s the Law. Together we make a difference!



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